You Don't Love Girls ~ Gacha Life Mini Movie

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Story behind this, I was watching a Gacha movie and got the idea for this movie, so I thought "Why not just make it?" Xd So yeah, that's how this came into existence :P Remember that this movie is in an alternate universe (like School Surprise), and enjoy the movie :3

This mini movie does give a bit of backstory, as some elements, such as Clarissa being lesbian, are in canon .w.

Also, I don't have that "gay fetish" thingy that some people in the Gacha community have. Those people can be very offensive to the LGBT community without realizing, but I don't do that stuff, as I'm a member and supporter of LGBT ;w;

wish you were gay cover:

~Frequently Asked Questions~
Q: What apps/programs do you edit with?
A: I use Wondershare Filmora and Camtasia Studio 9 on PC

Q: Where are you from?
A: A lot of people think I'm from Britain, but I'm Australian ;w;

Q: Who inspired you to make Gacha videos?
A: Shadow Kinokawa

Q: Can I have a shoutout or do a collab?
A: I don't do shoutouts because I believe everyone should earn their own subscribers, instead of just receiving them from someone else. I also don't do collabs because it would be unfair to everyone else, but you're free to feature me in a video :D

Q: How can I send you my fanart/fan video?
A: You can post a video with 'EmilyKitty' in the title or description, or send it to me on Instagram @emilykittie. I try my best to see all of your fan creations, and I really appreciate them! ❤

Q: Are your characters based off real life people?
Most aren't, but some are, not saying who ;D

Q: Who's your favorite OC?
A: Either Zeke, Rex or Clarissa :P

Thanks for watching! ♡

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