Yeelight x Razer Chroma?! Lightstrip 1s + LED bulb 1s - Full walkthrough Review [Xiaomify]

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Yeelights' new LED strip 1S and their LED bulb 1S just got Razer Chroma integration which is pretty exciting stuff! Is it any good? Let's find out! Yeelight is giving away a set to the subscribers of my channel. Go check it out here:
Find the Yeelight 1S bulbs here on AliExpress:

The Yeelight 1S bulb has been out for a few months, whilst the LED strip 1S has just been announced and should be up for sale soon. And there's not THAT much new with these in terms of the tech specs, besides better Apple Homekit integration and Razer Chroma support. -And especially the Razer Chroma support is a very interesting feature that will get lots of people excited.

How the integration works is relatively easy. Make sure that the bulb and/or led strip are in the Yeelight APP where you can enable "Lan Control". Once LAN-control is enabled these two should appear in the Yeelight Razer bridge on the computer. -Here you can additionally group them if needed.

From the Razer Synapse APP you can set up the lighting effects in the "Studio" tab to have the lights synchronize with any other Razer products that you have installed. So I could have lighting effects on the mouse, mousepad, keyboard as well as the light strip and the LED bulbs. And that can give some cool results.

You can also enable the lights to react to audio, whether that is from the audio-output or the audio-input like a microphone. Best feature (in my opinion) is to have the lights react to the overall color on the screen. This gives a Philips-Ambilight type-of experience as the lights will really follow the colors on-screen and this looks very nice!

And last, but not least, the lights will react to Razer Chrome-enabled games. This means all kinds of lighting effects will be triggered by in-game events and this gives some really nice and interactive results!

The Razer Synapse APP (and the Yeelight integration) are only available for Windows though, which might disappoint some of you Apple users out

Overall I really like the Yeelight Chroma integration, and it gave me some super cool results. The only thing I would like to see added in a version 2 of the LED strip would be gradients (like left-to-right color gradients) and possibly animated gradients.

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