XGBoost in Python from Start to Finish

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XGBoost for Regression:
XGBoost for Classification:
XGBoost: Crazy Cool Optimizations:
Cross Validation:
Confusion Matrices:

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0:00 Awesome song and introduction
2:56 Import Modules
4:34 Import Data
13:43 Missing Data Part 1: Identifying
18:37 Missing Data Part 2: Dealing with it
24:03 Format Data Part 1: X and y
25:55 Format Data Part 2: One-Hot Encoding
33:25 XGBoost - Missing Data and One-Hot Encoding
36:43 Build a Preliminary XGBoost Model
45:01 Optimize Parameters with Cross Validation (GridSearchCV)
49:44 Build and Draw Final XGBoost Model

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