Windows Virtual Desktop Optimizations Nuff Said! -#29

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Windows Virtual Desktop Optimizations will improve WVD density and logon times.
This code was developed by "The Virtual Desktop Team" formally known as TheVDIGuys. Some join The Azure Academy as I help YOU to Optimize Step by Step FAST today at The Azure Academy
Optimizing your images has always been an important component in preparing your images as part of your traditional RDS or VD(I) infrastructure. Optimizing your session hosts can increase the amount of user density - and as side effect eventually lower costs because of that as well.
Most of the credits go to Robert M. Smith and Tim Muessig from Microsoft for creating this tool and make it available for free for the community. Previously known as the VDIGuys.


I want YOU to MASTER WVD today with The Azure Academy Windows Virtual Desktop Series, start TODAY!

0:00 WVD Optimizations!
1:25 Start Your Engines!
2:47 Demo #1-Run Scripts Directly
5:12 Demo #2-VM Extensions
7:30 Demo #3-Full Automation with WVD
10:07 One Last Tip Just For YOU!
10:29 Happy Learning!

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