Why Nicki Minaj's Fiance Has Us Worried For Her Future

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After linking up with Kenneth Petty in November 2018, Nicki Minaj quickly announced her shocking retirement from music to start a family. But is she rushing into a bad situation? Here's why we're worried about Nicki and Kenneth's relationship.

Before becoming known as the future Mr. Minaj, Petty had an alleged criminal history that would give most women pause. Court records obtained by TMZ revealed that Petty was convicted of first degree attempted assault in the mid-'90s, and reportedly served four years for the offense. But Petty's alleged violent history didn't end there.

In 2002, Petty reportedly shot a man three times in his, and Nicki's, shared hometown of Queens, according to TMZ. Petty was initially charged with second degree murder, but pleaded down to first degree manslaughter, and was eventually released from prison in 2013.

But he supposedly couldn't stay out of trouble during this sentence. TMZ reported that Petty allegedly racked up a slew of violations, ranging from threats of violence and fighting to disobedience and creating a disturbance. He spent four months in solitary confinement and also quote, "lost phone, recreation and commissary privileges" due to his alleged conduct.

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