[WCT USA] - Group A - Enso Movement v GNF

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Enso Movement v GNF is the last match from Group A.

As a reminder - the winner from each group goes straight through to the last 8 ( the Quarter Finals); the 4th place team gets eliminated; and the 2nd and 3rd place teams go through to the playoffs.

Hollywood Freerunners and 5 Borough are definitely through to the last 12 ( either the Playoffs or the Quarter Finals), Enso Movement are definitely eliminated. If GNF can win this match and score at least 4 Evasions, they win this group and have a guaranteed spot in the Quarter Finals. If they don't win AND score 4 Evasions, Hollywood Freerunners top the group and go through to the Quarter Finals while GNF and 5 Borough go through to the Playoffs. Hope that makes sense!

For more info on the teams:

Enso Movement

Mitch Buynitzky

Ben Spaloss

Gabriel Payne

Christian Änderson

Ryan Mallon

Tegan Kelleher


Seth Rujiraviriyapinyo:

Davis Vasconcellos:

Jake Migliorato:

Bear Schneider:

Julius Porter:

Michael Dario:

All athletes and crew were tested twice before entering the hotel prior to the event and were also heat-checked every morning before entering the venue. Out of 96 athletes and 40-50 crew, we had no positive tests.

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