[WCT USA] Group A - 5 Borough v Enso Movement

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Both WCT USA Group A matches so far have been one-sided 3-0 victories. This third match between 5 Borough (who won their previous match with GNF) and Enso Movement (who lost their previous match to Hollywood Freerunners) is very different and it all came down to the final Chase.

For more info on the athletes:

5 Borough

Mike Araujo

Luciano Acuna Jr.

Sha Mualimm-Ak

Rich Rodriguez

Deyvid Wolf Garcia

Bryce Clarke

Enso Movement

Mitch Buynitzky

Ben Spaloss

Gabriel Payne

Christian Änderson

Ryan Mallon

Tegan Kelleher

All athletes and crew were tested twice before entering the hotel prior to the event and were also heat-checked every morning before entering the venue. Out of 96 athletes and 40-50 crew, we had no positive tests.

Keep Chasing and Don't get Caught!!
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