Using RADIANCE Spells in Hollow Knight!? (New Mod)

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Check out this new mod that lets you use Radiance's spells, the sweeping laser (replacing Abyss Shriek), the ground spikes (addition to Descending Dark), and the orbs (replacing Shade Soul)! It's called Child of Light and was created by a2659802.

This mod actually does seem fairly balanced for regular use, perhaps even a bit underpowered for some bosses. The orbs are bugged out in this arena, but mostly work elsewhere. The laser, of course, is quite powerful against some regular mobs, such as Zotes.

Mod Download:
On the right, find "Releases" and download the .dll file from there.

Use ModInstaller first, so that all the required mods are downloaded. Once that is done, use manual installation and point it to the ChildOfLight .dll to install the mod.

I am using the Pale King skin, which is only available by completing a challenge for the White Palace group.

The White Palace Skin Challenges:
Skin Installation Guide:


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