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Id всех предметов из мода:

Neutrino Wand - ID: 12500
Long range proton emiting wand, aim at ectoplasmic organisms.
With particle effects!

Ghost Trap - ID: 12501
Works like a landmine, place it down and watch ghosts go flying.

Jumpsuit Top - ID: 12502
Your very own Ghostbusters Jumpsuit, atleast the top half of it.

Jumpsuit Bottom - ID: 12503
The other half!

Proton Pack - ID: 12504
A backpack-sized particle collider, perfectly safe.

Ecto Goggles - ID: 12505
Goggles used to see otherworldy objects.
Works like nightvision.

Meter - ID: 12506
A Psychokinetic Energy Meter for reading ghost-levels*.
Works like a flashlight.
*sicentific term.

Ghost Outfit - ID: 12507
Bedsheets used for impersonating ghosts.

Stay Puft's Hat - ID: 12508
Your favorite marshmallow-man's hat.

Stay Puft's Neck thingimajig* - ID 12509
His neckwear
*i have no idea what the neck cloth is called.

Ecto-1 - ID: 12500
The Ghostbusters famous converted hearse, complete with sirens!

Slimer - ID: 12500*
The fat, hungry, green ghost that we all love.
*He is a hostile animal, can only be spawned in level editor.
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