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We decided to socially distance again and bring you some key work content.

French league has been Au Revoire’d, the Dutch have also been put in a spliff, whilst Bundesliga seems to be hanging on as the Prem states it should be back by June.

UEFA has set a deadline of 25th May for leagues to decide what they will
Do, so the debate and pressure continue on associations to decide what to do.

What do you reckon is the best way to continue?

We also cover the GerrArd slip and contemplate whether things would have been the same if that situation never Liverpool be better or worse off? It’s all mad.

Bare glitches in the matrix!

An asteroid should pass earth tomorrow as piers Morgan leaves comments under love island babes photos and Kim Jong Un is apparently alive and dead at the same time, cos there are obviously no rules.

Shout out to man like dog doing his thing and Norwegian Klopp working for free under the Poet and Vuj dictatorship.

Leave your comments leave your likes and thank you for 100k, you absolute mad men !!!

Ps. Let us know what you’d be willing to give for Patreon when we launch one.

Thank you and have a nice !!!
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