Tourism Management System Project in C with Source Code Free Download | C Projects with Source Code

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Tourism Management System Project in C with Source Code Free Download | C Projects with Source Code
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Tourism Management System Project in C with Source Code
The Tourism Management System Project in C is a consoled based application and created using c programming language. This system is a simple mini project and compiled in Code::Blocks IDE using GCC compiler. This simple mini project for Tourism Management System is complete and totally error free and also includes a downloadable Source Code for free, just find the downloadable source code below and click to start downloading. Before you start to click the download now first you must click the Run Quick Scan for secure Download.

The Tourism Management System Project in C depends on an idea of keeping up visit bundles for the vacationers. Before venturing into the principle framework a client needs to go through login framework to get access, at that point just he/she can utilize the highlights of the framework which incorporates booking bundle, seeing ticket, dropping a ticket, seeing the travel industry handout. It likewise contains a sign-up include.

Discussing the highlights of Tourism Management System framework, a client needs a specific id to get access. For this, the client can essentially join by giving username and secret word. In the wake of signing in as a client, there are a few choices to perform. The client can check for occasion bundles and book.

So as to book a bundle, the client needs to choose inside given bundle information and enter the quantity of individuals. After the booking is done, he/she can check for the ticket information which shows the absolute cost and ticket of the bundle. Altogether there are 10-occasion bundles. At whatever point the client needs to drop the tickets, he/she can without much of a stretch drop it and get the discount.

There are other things like a client can just book one bundle from one client id. So as to book more bundles, he/she needs to drop their present appointments. Each bundle contains a one of a kind code, which the client must enter during booking strategy. The last element of this undertaking is tied in with changing the secret password. A client can change his/her secret password whenever just by giving their present secret password(to confirm client) and entering another secret password. After all these, the client can likewise log out of their present id. The framework makes an outside document to store the client’s information forever.
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