Time to Say Goodbye | Let's Play Starsector 0.72A MODDED | Episode 31

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Today on Starsector we find our way into Blackrock Driveyards territory and make a decision

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Starsector is an openworld space combat game where you start with a simple frigate, and make your way through the sector, across the stars if you will. Be a trader, a bounty hunter, a pirate or a little of all three, and build up an unstoppable armada. That's the game in Starsector. Mods add things like the new factions, new ships and new mechanics. In particular the ability to conquer the entire Sector.
Note the base game is currently incomplete, most notably the Industry segment is missing. Current version is at time of recording
Mods Installed

Starsector +
Blackrock Driveyards
Diable Avionics
Interstellar Imperium
Neutrino Corporations
New Galactic Order
Save Transfer
Ship/Weapon Pack
TIandong Heavy Industries
Version Checker
ZZ GraphicsLib
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