The Truth About Kasuga Ichiban | Yakuza: Like A Dragon Gameplay Part 22

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In part 22 of Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon Chapter 13: Coin Locker Baby, as Ichiban and the party continue their plan to get to Aoki, the receive an urgent call about the Seiryu Clan. Secrets about Ichiban's past are about to spill.
Ichiban Kasuga, a low-ranking grunt of a low-ranking yakuza family in Tokyo, faces an 18-year prison sentence after taking the fall for a crime he didn't commit. Never losing faith, he loyally serves his time and returns to society to discover that no one was waiting for him on the outside, and his clan has been destroyed by the man he respected most.

Ichiban sets out to discover the truth behind his family's betrayal and take his life back, drawing a ragtag group of society’s outcasts to his side: Adachi, a rogue cop, Nanba, a homeless ex-nurse, and Saeko, a hostess on a mission. Together, they are drawn into a conflict brewing beneath the surface in Yokohama and must rise to become the heroes they never expected to be.

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Disclaimer: I was given a game key by the publisher, SEGA. My opinions and reactions will remain true throughout this video series.


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