The Trains of Sonic the Hedgehog

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Trains and Sonic the Hedgehog in one video? While many may focus on the obscure Sonic games, cut content, or character personalities, I've been one to notice the trains featured throughout the games. As an avid Sonic fan myself, along with being a railfan, I've sought to take a look at all (assuming I didn't miss any major ones!) of the trains seen throughout the games thus far! So lets take at look a look at the trains of Sonic the Hedgehog!

Music Used:
Sonic 3D Blast OST (Sega Saturn) - Green Grove Zone Act 2
Sonic Adventure OST - The Dreamy Stage (Casinopolis)
Sonic Adventure 2 OST - That's the Way I Like It (Metal Harbor)
Sonic Riders Zero Gravity OST - Blast Town [80's Boulevard and 90's Boulevard]
Sonic 06 OST - Wave Ocean (The Water's Edge)
Sonic Generations OST - City Escape Modern (Instrumental)
Sonic Mania OST - Hydrocity Zone Act 2
Sonic Unleashed OST - Apotos (Night)

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