The Famine To Come Upon The Earth, & What The Pure Fast Shall Bring Forth, Israelites & Gentiles

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Sorry Three Nephites ch 6 not 5.

Calendar sharable link:


Fourth Month 9th Day: There was a great famine in Jerusalem, and there was no bread for the people. Read: 2 Kings 25:3, Jeremiah 52:6-7 & Ant. (135); 2 Chron 36:11-21, Amos 8:11-12, Esdras 5:1-3

The Sealed Book of Mormon, by Mauricio Artur Berger:

PDF of The Sealed Book of Mormon: or


Prophetic Poem:

Debrayahs Channel:

Comments on YAH/GOD Message Another Judgement….: and prophecy of YAH thru KB:

YHUH Prophetic Messages:


Exodus Playlist:

John ch 14:

Paleo LINK:

Coronavirus Information: Calendar:

Blood Moon:

Great Day of Judgement Witnessed: Find Prophet Roderickus Pickens Here:

Get your copy of the KJVA 1611 today to get YAH Truth:

Book of Nicodemus:

Entering YAHs Rest:

Israel Is In Africa, Video, by EP Channel:

The Awakening shall not be stopped!!! Halleluyah!:

YHWH Holy Days & Feasts: YHWH Holy Days & Holy Feast Days:

Attn. Negroes/Israelites Jacob Troubles: Are U Ready To Stand In Faith

Jacobs Trouble:

Other Videos:

1. Mystery of The Vine:

2. Israelites & "Christians": White & Ruddy: The True Meaning In KJVA 1611:

3. Job part 1: The Book of Job Relates To Israelites Affliction & Captivity

4. Job part 2: Hidden Fears & YHWH’s Breathe:

5. YAHUWAH Calendar, The 7th Day Confirmed, The Missing 10 Days, & The Gregorian Calendar Playlist:


(YHWH calendar playlist)

6. Playlist, The AntiMessiah's Spirit, & The Virgin Birth: The Mystery of David Seed, A Sign/Miracle:

A Hebrew Israelite Family Falsely Accused: Justice For The Children of Israel

Brother Alayasha Yaharal Family


Also go to the channel for other cases of the Negroes being wrongfully oppressed & afflicted.

Repent, receive Salvation (Romans 10:8-13), and be baptized in the name of Yahushua HaMashyah!!!

I plea the blood of Yahusha` HaMashiyach upon this video and the links attached. YAHUAH I asked you to afflict an evil judgment upon those who try to stop this truth, until they repent and do what is right in the sight of your eyes. I also ask that you give your people understanding of this truth for those who wants it. In the name of Yahusha` HaMashiyach, so be it!!!!

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