The Devil All The Time: 10 Moments That Made Us Gasp

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Fans Were Shocked By These Scenes In The Devil All The Time

Tom Holland, Mia Wasikowska, Sebastian Stan, Bill Skarsgård and Riley Keough come together in a stellar ensemble cast to essay titular roles in Antonio Campos' The Devil All The Time. The slow burning psychological thriller which got a Netflix release has not roused a glowing response from critiques, but the scales tip in the favor of the cast's palpable efforts to breathe life into their characters.
The Devil All The Time has been adapted from Donald Ray Pollock's well appreciated novel with the same name, and Pollock dons the hat of the wise narrator for the film. Pollock's narration cuts through the film at precise moments to explain what the screen doesn't tell you and yet, it takes a seasoned gaze to understand the sophistication underlining the film's slightly morbid ethos.
Needless to say, The Devil All The Time has its moments of shock and exaggeration. Despite the plot's slow pace which foreshadows almost every harrowing moment, the extent of the characters' sadism and grief takes you by surprise. The film establishes its stomach for violence quite early on when it transports a character back to the South Pacific war front. But the theme across all forms and manifestations of violence is religious. In fact, The Devil All The Time has two extremes of characterization: ardent believers of faith and the people who respond to it with cold nonchalance. This creates a remarkable distinction between the Good and the Bad, the devout and the sinners. Ironically though, it is the ambivalent protagonist who walks away untouched by the film's violence.

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