The creepy selfies of Col. Russell Williams, murderer, serial rapist, military commander

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NEWS — Colonel Russell Williams was commander of Canada’s largest military airbase and was also the murderer of two women. Williams was also a prolific burglar who broke into houses, put on women’s lingerie and girl’s underwear and took selfies. This is the selection of photographs entered into court as official evidence exhibits and released by order of the Ontario Superior Court to highlight Williams’ activities at his trial in 2010, which I covered as a reporter with the National Post. I pulled these photos out of my archives from the trial. This is a very small portion of the photos seized by police. Also included is additional photos taken by police of the collection of items that Williams stored in his home, hidden in the ceiling of his basement.
Williams was convicted on all counts. On Oct. 21, 2010, he was sentenced to two life sentences.
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