Team Sonic Girls Play Sonic World !!

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Knuxie is back from her adventure in Sonic's universe, Sonica and Tailsko are waiting to play Sonic World with her but have no idea where she's gone!!
Voice of Knuxie : CharmyBee :
Voice of Sonica and Tailsko : Tails and Sonic Pals

Female versions of Team Sonic Play Sonic World! .. These are oc's designed my myself and my artists, hope you like our genderbent sonic creations!
Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonica)
Tails "Miles Prower" (Tailsko Millie Prower)
Knuckles The Echinda (Knuxie)

------------ Art Credits -------------
Team Sonic girls Reaction Art : Domestic

Sonic & Tails Outro Pattern:

Room art:

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---- Music Used ----

Kawaii! - Bad Snacks

Kevin MacLeod ~ Scheming Weasel

Kawaii : foxela & HAEMOND

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