Super-size Battery for the '78 El Camino

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Super-size Battery for the '78 El Camino.
The best thing is to fit the biggest replacement battery you can possibly squeeze in. The battery I used is a Group 29 deep cycle battery that is about 13 inches in length. The bad battery, I took out, will be re-conditioned in an attempt to restore the battery to new condition again. I have "Lum" powder on order and will clean out the old battery thoroughly and attempt to restore it to good condition with a "Lum" solution.
When installing an oversize battery in a car or truck, make sure that nothing can rub through the casing on the oversize battery. In this battery installation, the oversize battery was pretty close to the radiator support, so I cut a piece of hose and used emblem adhesive so that the edge of the battery casing can not come in contact with an sharp metal edges. Attention to detail, makes for reliability.
Also use di-electric grease on the battery terminals to keep off and prevent any future corrosion. The way I painted the battery tray over 6 years ago, has kept any more rust from forming on the battery tray. Do it right and it lasts many years. I used a drill with attachments to clean the battery posts & cables the right way.
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