Starcraft 2: Lambo (Zerg) vs souL (Terran) - ESL Open Finals #49 EU

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Terran & Zerg clash once again in the finals of the Gabe Weekly. Lambo's aggressive early game clashes with souL's heavy macro openers in another week of top tier Starcraft 2.

ESL Pro Tour Open Cups are held each week with $400 in prizes in all three major regions (NA, KR & EU) - Check here for the schedule or to signup to face the pros :)

Starcraft 2 is now Free to Play! Check out , download via the BNET launcher and find guides and more information right on this channel!

Submit to Bronze League Heroes by sending a replay in to winterreplays@! Help judge the best of the worst by joining the discord below and checking out the Bronze League Heroes channel :)

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Winter streams live most days starting around 9pm Eastern Time like a vampire at ! He usually plays hours of Starcraft and occassionally enjoys/reviews other games as well. Find almost all the games live, have input on casts, participate in viewer games & more every night!

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