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South Africa's alleged serial killer Moses Sithole has been transferred to the country's most secure military hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds.

Sithole was shot by police Wednesday after he reportedly tried to attack an officer with an axe.

The South African authorities believe Sithole is responsible for at least 29 murders over the past year in the Pretoria and Johannesburg areas.

The man police claim is South Africa's serial killer was transferred from a hospital in the small town of Benoni to the country's most secure military hospital.

It's taken the authorities over a year to track down Moses Sithole - he was driven by ambulance under armed police and military guard.

Sithole was wounded in a shootout with police on Wednesday night as officers tried to arrest him. The authorities claim he tried to attack a police officer with an axe.

He will appear in court when doctors say he is fit to stand trial.

South African police say Sithole is the man responsible for the murder of at least 29 black women and a child in a spate of killings which has baffled detectives for over a year.

The breakthrough came shortly after a visit by an F-B-I expert on serial killers who was called in by the South African police to help with their investigation into the murders of 38 women.


"I believe he's stable and believe he's not seriously injured and I believe that he will be, within the next week or two to come in a condition to be taken to an open court."

SUPER CAPTION: Police Commissioner George Fivaz

Police published Sithole's photograph and name a week ago saying they were confident that he was their man.

A man claiming to be Sithole contacted a Johannesburg newspaper on Wednesday, hours before his arrest and said he was innocent of the charges.

He allegedly told the newspaper that he wanted to hand himself over to the police but was afraid that they would kill him.

Earlier police arrested another suspect, David Selepe, but he was shot dead when police took him to point out a crime scene.

Police still claim that he was involved in the murders and have alleged that he and Sithole were working together.

Members of three communities near where the bodies were found were terrorized by the thought of the serial killer still at large and many staged protests to force the police to find and arrest him.

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