Sonic: Sonic 3 EXE and Sunky

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Sonic: Sonic 3 EXE and Sunky


Sonic Execrablenesses -The Return-

The awesome creator:




Very integral to the game:


is a very powerful and very strong demon that was spawned from the hyper realistic dark and the biggest, most awful, most tragic energy of the Kaosu Emerarudos. Doctor Eggman Baldy McNooseHangMyself got wind of this very powerful demon and wanted to recruit him to his cause, but didn't want any of that crap so now he's hunting Doctor McArmPit down with his friends: Spook Tails and his cousin. The only way can defeat him is outside a fist to fist fight (he is a pacifist after all), and he has to DU-DU-DU-DU-DU-DU-DU-DU-DU-DUEL Eggman to a children cards game. Let the best card fighter with the biggest deck win.

Play as : The main character and the creator of el spooky pasta, also some people like to worship this guy for whatever reason. Collects souls for his special sauce.

Play as Tails: Straight from Russia, a lukewarmhearted fox totally not possessed by hyper realistic blood. He likes mILk and if he doesn't get milk he be sad. SO GET HIM SOME FREAKING MILK.

Play as [REDACTED]: Sonic exe's completely coked out cousin. He's a single mother too, and his favorite reality show is Goof Troop. And sometimes he likes to torment his cousin about bowling.

Closing Notes:

Thx for watching,i hope you enjoy the video and the awesome work they
put into this mod,hack or fangame

~Queenie out uwu
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