Sonic Oddshow 3 & K Ultimate Remix

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Here it is, the FINAL ODDSHOW instalment on this channel and probably my most elaborate effort almost two years in the making (with several breaks of course). And with this being now out there, I just want to express my deepest gratitude to everybody, from the audience, to the collaborators, to my followers on social media, to the people I know from the Oddshow discord group. Thank you all very much !

I hope many more animators keep making great work, not just sprite animation, but also generally great fan art, drawn animations, videos, etc. This is just what it is all about, in my opinion. Talented people just being creative and entertaining people.

The Oddshow series was a great part of my creative journey, and I am sure I will keep making more creative things (maybe even again on youtube at some point). But right now I am closing this "odd" chapter with great satisfaction and a bit of pride.

Again, thank you everybody for the support. Until next time, take care, have fun and ciao ;)
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