Serial Killers Fred And Rosemary West | The Documentary

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Fred West and Rosemary West were a married Serial Killers who killed at least 12 young British girls, or considerably more, some of them their own daughters.

Frederick was born in the little town of Much Markle in Herefordshire. He was the second of the six kids Daisy Hannah Hill and Walter Stephen West. By Fred's own account, sexual abuse of various sorts were common in the home; he claimed his father had sexual relationships with his daughters and instructed him to have sex with animals.

Rosemary Letts was born in Devon, England in 1953. Her household was violent and troubled; her father, Bill Letts, was a schizophrenic who constantly disciplined her mother, Daisy, her siblings and her. While Daisy had been pregnant with Rosemary, she had received electroconvulsive therapy as treatment for her severe depression. Growing up, Rosemary's father sexually abused she. She was frequently teased and responded by attacking her bullies aggressively, because she wasn't really bright and a bit overweight.


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