Serial killers - britain's most dangerous women serial killers 2014 documentary

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In what police describe as an apparent thrill killing, the couple told investigators that she stabbed their victim to death in the front seat of her SUV while her husband, hiding in the back, held a cord around his neck. Mr LaFerrara "said the wrong things, then things got out of control," was Ms Barbour' reported version of events.

That one killing alone would be cold-blooded and remarkable enough. But in the case of Ms Barbour, it might merely be just the tip of an iceberg. If the story that Ms Barbour told Sunbury's local paper The Daily Item in a weekend interview is true, she had already killed two dozen or more people in several states, starting when she was just 13, after she joined a Satanic cult in a small Alaska town.

She gained her first taste of murder, she claimed, when the cult's leader let her accompany him on a hit against someone who owed him money.
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