Serial killer who 'dismembered 20 women' says he planned to murder 100

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A self-confessed serial killer has told police he planned to murder 100 women. Juan Carlos Hernandez, 33, ‘admitted to killing around 20 women’ after him and his wife Patricia Martinez Bernal were arrested at their home, where Mexican authorities found human remains. Hernandez, who dismembered his victims, also said he used flesh to make stew and fed his dogs body parts from the women.On Friday, Hernandez, dubbed the Monster of Ecatepec after the State of Mexico city where he lived, told a court hearing his aim was to kill 100 women. State prosecutors said he would immobilise his victims with martial-arts style joint-locking techniques before using a large knife to kill them and cut them up. His wife told police her job was to trick victims into accompanying her to their homes after telling them she had cheap clothes to sell, as well as helping her partner get rid of their bodies. They have already been formally accused of the murder of mum-of-two Nancy Noemi Huitron, 28, on 6 September. Former soldier Hernandez, who also said witch doctors bought some his victims’ bones, sold Nancy’s two-month-old baby to another couple for £600. The child is now in local authority care. Psychiatrists told the court that Hernandez suffers a personality disorder and could be considered a psychopath. The investigation leading to the pair’s arrest on 4 October was sparked by the disappearance of three women in Ecatepec in April, July and September. A spokesman for the State of Mexico Prosecution Service said: ‘We were able to establish that the three women who vanished had a relationship with this couple and that led us to a property in a neighbourhood called Jardines de Morelos in the municipality of Ecatepec where some of the human remains were found. ’ Hernandez has blamed his crimes on a hatred for women he said stemmed from his childhood when his mum dressed him up a girl and made him watch her have sex with different men. In a distressing video showing the self-confessed killer admitting to his crimes in a police station while in handcuffs, he can be overheard saying: ‘I prefer my little dogs eating meat from those women to them continuing to breathe my oxygen. ’ He also said: ‘I don’t know if I’m going to get out of this one but I’ve already told the cops that if I’m freed I’m going to keep killing women. ‘First, because sometimes they don’t let me sleep. Second, because of the hate I feel for them. And third, because I still have a need.
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