Serial killer - David Bieber bodybuilder serial killer

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Serial killer - David Bieber bodybuilder serial killer

Bieber entered the United Kingdom on September 26, 1996 through the port of Ramsgate, Kent using the false passport. He was given a six-month visa, but it was extended until his marriage to Denise Horsley in Kendal, Cumbria in March 1997.

In 1998, Bieber arrived in Yorkshire, where he worked as a nightclub doorman. He also acquired an arsenal of illegal firearms. In 2001 his wife petitioned for divorce and a decree absolute was granted on May 5, 2002.

On December 26, 2003, on the border between the Gipton and Oakwood areas of Leeds, traffic policemen Ian Broadhurst and Neil Roper saw Bieber's stolen BMW car parked at the junction of Grange Park Avenue and Dib Lane, where Bieber had just been into the adjacent post office.[3][4] They identified the number plates as false, and asked him to accompany them to the police car, where Bieber sat in the back seat. The officers were uneasy and so called for backup which they received from colleague James Banks.

Roper then moved to handcuff Bieber, who - facing imprisonment for various offences in the UK and possible extradition to Florida - drew a 9 mm handgun and fired an initial four shots at the unarmed police officers, who tried to flee. Roper was hit twice in the shoulder and abdomen, but managed to get away. Broadhurst was shot once in the back and immobilised. Banks escaped injury after a bullet hit his radio. Bieber then walked over to where Broadhurst was lying, and fired a fifth shot into his head at point blank range. It was the first fatal shooting of an English police officer for over eight years - the most recent previous being PC Philip Walter of the Metropolitan Police, who was shot dead on 18 April 1995.[2]

After the shootings, Bieber escaped down Dib Lane, and stole a car at gunpoint outside a betting shop further down the road.[5] This caused a lot of confusion in initial news reports of the shootings, which states that the shooting itself happened outside the betting shop.
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