Serial Killer - Charlie Brandt Deadly Obsession (48 Hours)

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1: 2: Charlie Brandt (1957 -- c. September 13, 2004) was an American murderer and suspected serial killer. Brandt, a native of Indiana and longtime resident of the Florida Keys, committed suicide in September 2004 after his wife, Teresa Teri Brandt, was stabbed seven times and his niece, Michelle Jones, was decapitated and disemboweled. An investigation by police concluded that Brandt had murdered Teri Brandt and Michelle Jones before hanging himself in Jones' garage.It later came to light that Brandt had shot his parents -- his pregnant mother fatally -- in 1971, when he was thirteen; he spent one year at a psychiatric hospital before being released, and was never criminally charged. Because of this incident -- of which Teri Brandt's family was unaware -- and because of Charlie Brandt's efficiency in killing his wife and niece and his hidden obsessions with human anatomy, investigators looked into the prospect that he had been a serial killer who had operated without detection since moving to Florida in 1973. Police have positively ascribed up to six homicides to Brandt.Serial Killer - Charlie Brandt Deadly Obsession (48 Hours)
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