September 2020 HEALING CODE -“Releasing the Madness”

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Energy Therapist & Master Energy Trainer, Nancy Allen, brings you another powerful Quantum Healing Code, and gently moves you to a place of healing and personal empowerment. The codes this month come from the Anahata Codes & Energy Balancing by Numbers.

Follow along to install the Codes.

Learn how the codes work … Watch the February 2019 Youtube video….

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Nancy Allen, Master Energy Trainer, delivers a fresh take on meditation, inspired by the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Carolyn Myss, and others.

Each week we will Rewire Your Brain, Open Your Heart, and Clear Your Chakras to promote an abundant life…. and, of course, we will support the meditation with QUANTUM HEALING CODES.

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Personal Energy Trainer Nancy Allen wants YOU to be the Magician of your World, the Physician of your Body, and the Owner of Who You Are.

If you're asking "WTF?" then this is the place for you to learn how to manage your Personal Energy, be in charge of your Destiny, and Manifest your Dreams.

As a 28 year veteran in the Healing Arts, and a 31 year veteran college professor, Nancy is the 'go to' trainer for all things 'energy'.

Join her journey to equip every person on the planet with the energy tools to be Healthy, Wealthy, and while having FUN.

…and remember… There’s A Code for That.

Nancy is a Certified Anahata Code Practitioner and works with:
- CodeAlchemy™ Codes -
- Anahata Codes -
- Energy Balancing by Numbers Codes -

- Solfeggio Tones courtesy:

Additional References Courtesy:


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