Sea of Thieves: Vault Raiders Event Guide

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There's trouble afoot! Someone has been ransacking the Gold Hoarder's Treasure Vaults! While the idea of such valuable treasure being stolen is concerning all on its own, there is something even more troubling about these recent thefts.

Whoever is breaking into the Treasure Vaults seems to be particularly interested in the Chest of Ancient Tributes hidden inside. Why exactly? We don't know, but the thief's motives for these raids appear to be about more than just gold.

The Gold Hoarders are understandably upset and have turned to Larinna for help. They hope that Larinna can seek out and recruit worthy pirates up to the challenge of recovering their gold!

If this sounds like you and your crew, be prepared to take on Wayfinder Voyages, open Treasure Vaults, and bring as much high-valued treasure found inside them back to the Gold Hoarders. Doing so will earn you and your crew a considerable amount of Favour with the Gold Hoarders. This Favour can be cashed in for brand new Gold Hoarder rewards!

Start: 0:00
Intro: 0:05
Sailing 10 Nautical Miles while on a Gold Hoarder Voyage: 2:10
Selling a Captain's Chest to the Gold Hoarders: 3:02
Completing a Gold Hoarder Voyage: 3:53
Selling a Stronghold Chest to the Gold Hoarders: 5:38
Collecting all the gold piles in a Treasure Vault: 6:16
Opening a Treasure Vault: 7:28
Selling a Chest of Ancient Tributes to the Gold Hoarders: 9:01
Challenge strategies: 10:00
Gold Hoarder Weapon Cosmetics: 14:00

Golden Wayfinder Voyage Guide:

Treasure Vaults and Puzzles Guide:

Treasure Vault Locations:

Interactive map:
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