Roja Akka Mogudu Maha Episode | 18th December 19 | Gemini TV Serial | Telugu Serial

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Watch the Maha episode of the Popular Telugu Serials Roja and Akka Mogudu, that airs on Gemini TV.

Roja's family come to temple for MAHA CHANDI POOJA to bring Anu as Annapurna's family daughter in law. But Anu is in tension if pooja happens she will be caught. Annapurna takes Anu to ask Swamji as her daughter's daughter will become daughter in law to her house is Swamiji tells yes, it happens like that only. But Anu is tensed. She thinks of her close friend Sowmya(Akka Mogudu) as yesterday's conversation, Sowmya tells she will help to stop Pooja. While Anu is thinking, Same time Ramya (Akka Mogudu) reveals in search of her husband on the roads. While Annapurna taking Anu with her she meets Saraswathi (Akka Mogudu) and discuss as they were family friends. Same time Swamiji comes with Madhu and Sowmya to that pooja place and give all kankanams and flowers. Later with all Swamiji prepares Akkanda jyothi and keeps Roja and Ramya as protectors for that Jytohi to save. And send them for that process and tells Annapurnam's family to move to Homam place. Same time Swamiji comes and fires on them that they spoiled that day's pooja and give them punishment to re burn the Akkanda Jyothi. And Roja and Ramya starts climbing steps on their knees with milk in a bowl not to drop. Roja and Ramya focus on it to re burn the AKKANDA JYOTHI.

Akkamogudu is a telugu family drama. An emotionally-charged story of twin sisters Ramya and Sowmya, who go to great lengths for each other. Follow their journey of self sacrificing love, along with their life partner, Amar.

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