Restoration Tonka Jeep 1982s - New Roll Cage Crack

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In this video I am restoring an old Tonka Jeep from 1982. Unfortunately the roll cage broke. That's why I made a new one. A round steel of 4mm was used as material. The steel was bent with a bending machine. I soldered the individual components with brass solder. The body of the jeep was sandblasted and then powder coated. Over the years the wheels have turned yellow, so the rims were placed in a hydrogen peroxide bath for 48 hours. The bikes were taken out again after 48 hours. The result is impressive. The rims are white again and look like new. In the end all components were assembled. The Tonka Jeep looks new. Now it can be used by children again for the next few years.
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Time stamps:
Time stamps:
00:00 Disassembly
00:40 New jeep roll Cage
02:27 Roll Cage welding
03:00 powder coating Roll Cage
03:24 remove and clean wheels
04:12 Make wheels white with hydrogen peroxide
04:49 Tonka Jeep Sandblasting
05:43 Tonka Jeep powder coating
07:28 48 hours later wheels hydrogen peroxide
08:08 assemble all components
09:39 Tonka Jeep Truck finished
10:12 Outro
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Special info:
Bought on Ebay for 12€
Duration of restoration 10 hours
Video cut 9 hours
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