Reflow attempt 2 on a custom LED art PCB (with resist).

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Another attempt at doing a hotplate reflow with manually applied solder paste, but on a custom PCB with solder resist this time. JLC PCB (not a sponsor) delivered these PCBs in just 6 days. I think that's the fastest I've had a batch of PCBs delivered.

This is a version of the Gallium PCB that fits into a standard 6" by 4" (about 100 by 150mm) picture frame and powers 54 independent LEDs from a standard USB power supply.

I've made a few of these before, but this one is part of an experiment with hand application of solder paste diluted with flux. It worked, but the flux evaporated quickly and caused some of the solder to crack and ping before it had melted. Only one of the resistors failed to solder properly, and was easily fixed with a soldering iron and touch of flux.
Next test will be hand soldering in a few different ways.

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