Pig mauling murders: Oregon serial killer gets 50 years in jail

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A chilling trial straight out of a murder-mystery TV show has ended with an Oregon jury finding 66-year-old Susan Monica guilty of serial murder.

Monica was busted after trying to use one of her victim's welfare cards. Police then searched her 20-acre pig farm in southern Oregon and happened upon a grisly discovery -- The half eaten corpses of two men.

Monica says she shot one of the men, Stephen Delicino in self defense, in 2012. The other man, Robert Haney, she shot as a mercy killing following a farming iUS: Football coach seriously injured by student who wanted on the teamaccident in 2013. Both men worked on her farm.

The forensics investigaton told a different story. Most chillingly, she chose to feed the corpses of both men to her pigs.

She was sentenced to a minimum 50 years in prison on Monday. Oregon Circuit Judge Tim Barnack followed up by saying, "You shot two people and fed them to your pigs, I don't know how else I can put it. You valued pigs more than you value people."


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