Nemo Plays: Starsector (Season 6) #19 - Double Capture! Across the Sky!

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Welcome to Starsector Season 6!
After the acquiring and refitting of the NNS Powerpuff, Captain Nemo gets whisked away into a whole new corner of the galaxy to fight for himself this time, and tame it as his own. With Nexerelin installed, the sector is random, and factions can take planets and stations from each other. While you can join an existing faction, with what we have under our belts from the end of Season 5, we're sticking it out alone, or with what friends we can muster, to pacify this sector.

Please do like and comment, I'm always looking for names for ships, so let me know if you want me to get one for you (it will probably die at some point, don't feel bad)

You can get Starsector at:

Mods used:
Common Radar
Console Commands
Simulator Overhaul
Version Checker
Starsector Plus
Blackrock Drive Yards
Exigency Incorporated
Interstellar Imperium
Junk Pirates
Neutrino Corp.
Shadowyards Reconstruction Authority
The Knights Templar
The Mayorate

The mods can be found at:

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