Living Glow Rechargeable LED Bulbs 6pack with Accessories

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Living Glow Rechargeable LED Bulbs 6pack with Accessories

How about a bulb that goes on when the lights go out? These rechargeable LED bulbs from Living Glow are great for emergencies, and they recharge while you're using them.

What You Get

Rechargeable LED bulbs with lithium batteries installed
4 Power caps
Power plug adapter
Manufacturer's 1year limited warranty

Good to Know

According to an Energy 2017 report, the average American home has approx. 50 sockets. Highquality LED bulbs can fill these sockets and save Americans more than $6 billion a year on lighting their homes.
Each LED bulb provides more than 45 years of light when using 3 hours per day. Since this configuration includes 6 LED bulbs, it will provide more than 270 years of lighting when using 1 bulb at a time.
Energyefficient light bulbs such as LEDs typically use about 25 to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, saving you money.
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