Kite - Flying Kite To Release Gas Ballon Kite - Experiment To New Year 2021 Fly Hot Air Ballons Kite

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Please Please iss ko sub safe and secure kr do sub mill kar takay koi jani nuksan na ho kubi b:

1 : Bikes mae safety rod install karo takay dorr neck py na haye.

2 : Firing na karo firing is not part of Basant. If any one firing call police.

3 : Iron rod and metal wire se wapda ki 11kv wires k pass kite na catch karo. This is very dangerous for life.

4 : Children ka roofs mae khayal rako and kud ka b without bani wali roofs mae kite flying /catching na karo.

5 : Roads pay kite/ Patang na catch karo, na dorr lotto iss waja se b galay mae dorr phir jatai hai and kud ki b jaan safe nai.

#Sub mill kar govt pay persuree dalo k wo all main roads. flyovers jaha jaha dorr phirti ha ya jaha jaha phirny ka chance ha waha waha 50 Feet top between and both sides like this : I I I or XX wires agar lag jy tu dorr roads mae nai fall hogai and neck /life of motor cyclist is fully safe and sound.

#Moti dorr and Sharpe dorry b use na karo.

Yeh koi indian culture nai. Molvi and anti kite flying waly jhoot bolty hain.

At last Yeh bhot bhot bhot hai acha event and sport hai.

Lako ghreeb logo / families ka business and source of income b hai .

Basant jasa event dusman dusman ko honest dost buna dayta ha Is event se Pakistan ko millions nai Billions of $ ka fayida hota and poor mae 3 barta ha.

Kite flying karny se tension and stress khatam hoti hai Banda unhealthy,negative and bad activities se bilkul safe ray ta ha.

Kite flying is best exercise for Heart and Brain Patients

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Pakistan and Indian Kites Flying And Basant festival . Pakistani People Want Safe Basant festival.
Pakistan And Indian Kites Pecha Together .
Very Best And Famous Festival Is Kites Festival .
Pakistan Vs Indian Kites Fight Fly Battle .
Beautiful Patang Flying in Pakistan.
Amazing Kite Flying In India.
Kite Flying Game is for You To Make All Enjoyment Of Uttaryan with realistic Kite Game Experience.
Features :
-Most Realistic action And Experience of Kite Flying .
- 3D Environment , Natural Sounds .
- Different Colour Type Of Kites .
- Gets Points While Cut the Opponents Kites, use Points to Purchase and Update Kites .
Wish You All Happy And Safe Basant festival .

Chula and Pakpao (Thailand)
American Fighter Kite ((United States and Canada))
Pipas (Brazil)
Volantines (Chile)
Kite Fighting Lines Used in the World
Spectra – A brand of fishing line used for American kite fighting.
Power Pro – A very thin [ mm diameter] braided fishing line used for American kite fighting.
Manjha – The cutting line used in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
Tar – The cutting line used in Afghanistan.
Hilo de competencia o Hilo Curado – The cutting line used in Chile.
Dore – (India and Pakistan) The string used to fly the kite. The sharper the string, the better it is.
Pench – When two or more kites are fighting to cut one another. (India)
Kai Po Chhe – When kite fighting to cut another one and it cut the winner says it loud "Kai Po Chhe" to announce the victory!
Manjho – The cutting lines /thread called Manjho in Rajasthan(India)
Gelasan – The cutting line /thread used in Indonesia
Cerol – The cutting line /thread used in Brazil


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