K1 Fiance Visa Interview Questions

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= Bring Your Foreign Love to USA with a Fiance Visa. Let VisaCoach guide you to success! For full list 155 Questions click These are sample questions that could be asked at a K1 Fiance visa consulate interview. The list has been updated to include questions now asked to Fiance’s due to Presidential orders demanding extreme vetting, International Marriage Broker regulations, and mandatory Social Media disclosure policies. At are further details about the K1 Fiance K1 consular interview process.
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The MOST frightening moment of the Fiance Visa application process is
when your foreign fiance first sits in front of the consular officer
waiting for the interview to start. Your Fiance knows that soon, based
on what happens in the next moments, a decision will be made by that officer
that affects your future lives together.

One misstep, one wrong answer, and possibly all the effort, all the planning, all of your
dreams may come tumbling down.

I believe in preparation. And I believe that IF, IF you and your fiance prepare for the interview
by studying the comprehensive list of sample questions and tips that I present here. Your
fiance will be ready, and confident, to do well when the time comes.

Of course, if you and I have already been working together, I have personally crafted
your "front loaded" application to anticipate the tough questions, and answer them
with the detailed history letter and carefully chosen evidences I included with your
application. Having accomplished VisaCoach's preparation, we know that most or all of the
officers concerns have already been anticipated, AND answered,
So your Fiance probably won't have more than a few questions left before saying "Welcome to USA".

But there is no such thing as being over prepared, so EVEN if you are already
a VisaCoach client, it is worthwhile to review these questions in advance of the interview.

If you are not a VisaCoach client and you want a written copy of these practice questions.
You can get the list by subscribing to the free VisaCoach monthly newsletter. You get the
complete written set of questions as a subscription bonus.

I am Fred Wahl the VisaCoach and I help you smoothly
get through a confusing and frustrating Immigration
process so you can have a happy life together in the USA
with your foreign partner.

Please watch to the end of the video, because towards the end of this video,
I have added, new questions now asked due to President Trump's
executive orders mandating stricter and more vigorous enforcement of
immigration laws and the IMBRA guidelines.

Now, lets talk about Practice Questions for the K1 Fiance Visa Interview

VisaCoach's FULL visa support includes preparation of all applications but also
guidance and personal attention all the way through to visa issuance.

So I am always in direct contact with my clients all they way, And right
after the interview, I always ask, "how did it go"?, and "what questions were asked"?.

this list of questions is the culmination of the feedback I have gotten from thousands
of grateful couples I have helped get their visas.

I have attempted to group the questions into logical sections, and I will post them
that way for you to read, but I won't read aloud each question. I think that makes the
video go too slow and too long. Instead with each section I will give some tips and
insights. Then let the questions speak for themselves. If this
moves along too fast, just pause the video to take more time to read the
screen. Remember if you want a full copy of the
list just visit VisaCoach dot com and subscribe to the free VisaCoach monthly newsletter

The following are questions that might be asked at YOUR interview.
American Fiance's General Background

These questions are generic and simple, they are just about the basics to show
you know your fiance. Height, weight, color of eyes, favorite food and so on.
Your answers give the consular officer confidence that you have spent time
together in person and online. Your
quick and simple answers demonstrate that you KNOW the person
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