iPhone 11 5G Support, iPhone 11 Price Leaks After iPhone 12, Best Android Phone at 40k Saturday QNA

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iPhone 11 5G Support, iPhone 11 Price Drop Leaks After iPhone 12, Best Android Phone at 40k Saturday QNA.

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00:23 Best Android Phone at 40K
01:03 iPhone 12 120 FPS?
02:14 iPhone 11 Leaked Price after iPhone 12 Launch
03:55 Google Pixel Budget For Phone Camera
04:19 Samsung Alt Z Life
05:20 iPhone 5G Support Coming?
07:28 Buying iPhone from Instagram Page at Half Price Beaware

The iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are the most recent models and they do not support 5G. Nor do any previously released iPhones.

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max do support Gigabit LTE though, which is a very fast form of 4G, which in this case uses 4x4 MIMO (meaning a greater number of antennas than standard 4G) and is capable of attaining peak download speeds of , or 1,600Mbps.

Technically the iPhone 11, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are capable of similar, but Apple has made additional speed improvements for the 11 Pro models, having moved on from Cat 16 (which tops out at 1Gbps) to Cat 19.

This makes the iPhone 11 Pro range theoretically significantly faster than the iPhone XS range, as well as the iPhone SE (2020) – which is also Cat 16 - and several times faster than the iPhone X and iPhone XR, both of which pack lesser Cat 12 LTE modems.

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