《Identity V》*NEW Hunter* The Violinist Gameplay

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external traits.
【Trembling Melody】
Antonio tuned the melody of thewhole world to play the trembling movement.
Survivors hit by Antonio's skills will be infected with multiple layers of [magic sounds].

[Magic Sound]:
The sound of the piano echoed in the ear affects the ability of the survivor. The survivor needs to find a quiet place to calm down.
1/2/3 layer magic sound will reduce the movement speed by 4% / 8% / 12%, deciphering and healing speed by 15% / 30% / 50%.
When there are no other survivors within 24 meters, the survivors can calm themselves through the silent meditation to relieve the magic sound state.

Physical Ability-
Order 0
Antonio pops the first note to the designated position, and can cast the skill again within 5 seconds to pop the second note.

After the two notes fly to the end, they will be connected to generate [trembling strings].
[Thriller Strings]: Exists for 13 seconds on the field, causing damage only at the moment it is generated. The hit Survivor will receive damage equivalent to a normal attack and superimpose 1 layer of magic sound;
Survivor subsequently touches the same string During music, only the magic sound state will be superimposed; the survival person will not be superimposed by the string music repeatedly within 5 seconds.

——Rank 1
Antonio starts playing for 9 seconds:
in a crazy performance, he will be able to move between the normal attack and the back attack of the charged attack, the attack will not hit the scene element, and each attack will burst out A [trembling note] appears.
[Trembling notes]: Ignore the notes that the terrain continues to fly forward, and hit the Survivor will stack 1 layer of magic sounds for it.

——The second order
[infinite movement]
Within 20 meters near the center of the trembling string, Antonio can throw a bow and pull the string, causing it to vibrate in parallel to the opposite side to produce 10 interval and instant disappeared strings.
Survivors who are hit by strings will receive damage equivalent to a normal attack, but those who are in the separation area will not be injured by strings.

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More Details:
Name: Identity V
Platform: Android / IOS
Price: Free
Genre: Survival
Company/Publisher: NetEase
Status: Launched
Size: GB
Played on: Ipad Pro 11 with IOS
My In-game ID: 956972
Intro Music:
Song: NIVIRO - The Ghost [NCS Release]
Outro Music:
Syn Cole - Feel Good Syn Cole Social media Links

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