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In this video, we are going to show you making a simple adjustable Flip-Flop Led Flasher Circuit. You can make this electronics project at home easily. You can operate this circuit using only DC 9 Volt. To make this circuit we use NPN transistor, Resistor, Capacitor & LED light. You can make this circuit at home easily & also can use this circuit as like school project, college project. Using this circuit you can decorate you home, office & other places.
To make this simple circuit, you might need some electronics component. Those component list have to been given below.
Circuit Name – Adjustable LED Flasher Circuit Using NPN Transistor
Component List :
1. Transistor – BC547 (3 Pieces)
2. Resistor – K Ohm (3 Pieces)
560 Ohm (3 Pieces)
3. Capacitor – 100uf/ 16v (3 Pieces)
4. LED – 5 mm (9 Pieces)
5. Volume – B 100K
6. Power Source – DC 9 Volt
7. Connection Wire

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