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Gulen’s Turkish Charter schools. The CIA sponsored imam and his troubling US agenda

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Episode 4 of The Gulen Mystery, RTD’s in-depth documentary series about Fethullah Gulen, goes West, in the footsteps of the Turkish exile accused of instigating the 2016 military coup attempt against Turkey’s President, Recep Erdogan.

Fethullah Gulen, an influential imam in Turkey, fled to the US in 1999 after having been accused of ‘threatening the secular state’. His application for residency was supported by CIA operatives and a US ambassador, raising questions about the links between the charismatic spiritual leader and the United States.
Over the past fifteen years, his followers have built the second largest network of charter schools in the US. However, its lack of transparency has left some Americans wondering about its ultimate function within the Gulen nexus. Mary Addi, a former teacher, turned Gulen opponent and Mark Hall, an investigative filmmaker, reveal disturbing facts about the charter schools and ask what Fethullah Gulen is really doing in America.

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