Going for Dragon Cup on 2 accounts (OSRS Trailblazer Ranger #31)

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I want to get dragon rank on both accounts. Even if I don't end up getting it, I still had a great time playing Trailblazer!

In the Trailblazer League, players start as ironmen locked to Misthalin and Karamja, and unlock more regions the more tasks they complete. The tasks are separated into tiers which each give a different amount of points. Once you reach certain point thresholds you can unlock powerful relics which must be chosen wisely. Players are ranked based on the amount of points they accumulate.

The relics I have chosen are Endless Harvest, Last Recall, Quick Shot, Unnatural Selection, The Botanist, and Draining Strikes. My areas are Kandarin, Desert, and Tirannwn.

Trailblazer League rules, relics, and more info:

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