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A list of the card decks I typically use for my readings:
Mystic Moon Oracles
Twin Flame Messages
Twin Flame Messages Volume 2
Twin Flame Shadows
A Sign From Spirit Love Oracle
[All the above decks may be purchased from Angela from Mystic Moon. Please visit her channel for ordering information.]

Sacred Geometry of Relationships Oracle by LON
[Order from]

Fire Witch Tarot Unspoken Messages
Fire Witch Tarot Unspoken Messages, Volume 2
WTF Is The Problem? by Fire Witch Tarot
Between The Sheets by Fire Witch Tarot [Adult Content]
Infinity Oracle by Fire Witch Tarot
[All card decks by Fire Witch Tarot may be purchased via]

When Spirit Speaks by Heather Fallona - Medium on a Mission

The Hidden Truth Oracle by All Things Intuitive, Co.
Messages of Love Oracle Cards by All Things Intuitive, Co.

Divine Masculine Energy Oracle Cards
Divine Feminine Energy Oracle Cards

The Untold Truths of the Heart Oracle by Aquamoonlight

Other favorite card decks I use for my readings:
Romance Angels
Waite Tarot
Psychic Tarot by John Holland
Lover's Oracle
Lover's Oracle By Sulamith Wulfing
Guardian Angel Cards
Guardian Angel Tarot
Whispers of Love Oracle
Whispers of Healing Oracle
Angel Answers
Sea Melodies
Work Your Light Oracle Cards
Energy Oracle Cards
Wisdom of the Oracle Divination
[You can purchase any of the above decks from either, ebay or other online sites that offer card decks like these.]

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