FPL BlackBox - Episode Seven – Can we Trust in Spurs? | Fantasy Premier League 2020/2021

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Intro 6:40
Start 7:05
Granville's GW4 Transfers 19:30
Next 6 GW's (Attack) - Part I 27:15
Next 6 GW's (Defence) 32:30
Palace Team Data 33:15
PVA & Zaha on a Flat Track 34:05
Zaha's Improvement 37:10
Next 6 GW's (Attack) - Part II 41:15
xGI Overperformers - Part I 46:50
Captain Planning 51:15
xGI Overperformers - Part II 51:45
The Blackbox Watchlists 56:45
Next 6 GW's (Attack) - Part III 1:14:05
GW5 Fixtures 1:17:30
Preview GW5 Team Az 1:40:05
Preview GW5 Team Mark 1:42:05
Preview GW5 Team Granville 1:43:25
Captain Data 1:46:35

Episode Seven of FPL BlackBox sees Az and Mark joined with the man who was there right at the start – he helped create the first ever FPL pod, the all round legend - Granville.

We’ve already spent time looking back at what’s happened so far this season, but we’ve got a bit more to discuss in light of Granvilles solid start to the season, but disastrous transfers last time out. There’ll also be some vintage Scoutcast footage to listen to, back when Mark and Granny were the only real voices in our ears talking FPL.

The main focus of this pod however, is looking forward, and there’s plenty to discuss:

Who to target over the next 6

Spurs vs. City


Are Palace being overlooked?

...and more!


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