[Fan-made Scene] Conan's Identity Reveal to Ran

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Hello from the Philippines! Philippine elections 2016 is finally over since the results are out. I don't know why I'm using this as my introduction *lol*

♥ Now for the video, as always, I hope you would like it! This was my first time uploading a video wherein I used 'masking'. It was difficult! I was crying and asking myself why did I start making this video. It was worth it all those

♥ This is also my first time of doing a fan-made scene (if there is such a thing). I tried making it legit (but I couldn't edit the 's my first time masking so please lower your expectations) *。・゚・(ノД`)*

♥ I want a more emotional identity reveal but CONAN ANIME GIVE ME EMOTIONAL CLIPS!! Gosho pls uhuhuhu (>﹏<)

♡ Made by: marie07896
♡ Anime: Detective Conan
♡ Song: Cut by Plumb
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