Famous Last Words - Your Escape Ft. Spencer Sotelo

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Famous Last Words -- 'Your Escape'-- from the album The Incubus.
Distributed by Sony Red / Artery

Featuring: Spencer Sotelo (Periphery, From First To Last)

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Where do we go from here?
We gotta disappear and get far away from this place.
(We have to escape)
The torment and piercing fear
All caused by this engineer of these twisted vicious games
(The direful pain)
Oh how our lives have changed
All hope replaced with rage our light was lit, but now it's fading away
Just like a sinking ship, we're going under to survive we must escape.
And overcome these waves.

Oh my god.
Oh my god!
I'm gonna be sick..
We've got to get out of here...
We've got to go!

Carry on my dear I tell myself you're strong and you can defeat this!
Clandestinely we will vanish free
Away and never return again
We've got to leave
My son and I must flee
Far away from this sick
Perpetuate our broken lives and be free from this imperiling plight that is condemning me

Honey wake up I've packed your things
we've got to go we've got to leave
Our precious time's diminishing
We've got to hurry

-We must leave!

-Honey wake up I've packed your things
we've got to go we've got to leave
Our precious time's diminishing
We've got to hurry
We must leave!
Can't let him see the fear in me
I must hide my anxiety
To protect him from this agony
He's coming in you've got to leave!


Go run away and get out of here
Make no delays and go disappear
Go live the life that you want to you have to simply leave me here.
And son I swear it'll be okay
Just as long as you make your escape.
Don't be afraid of the world go make your mark and live another day.
Stay safe away!

He comes in through the doorway.
Each step he takes I pray he doesn't see him in the shadows of the hallway
Sneaking softly
Out the back way.

-No! He won't let him go! Captured him!

Now he's a hostage
Locked in the closet

-He pleads! Begs us not to leave!
Again and again and again and again!

He said,
"Who do you think you are
Trying to leave me?
You don't know who I am
Or all the things I've seen.
So take your final dose
My one last treat while you try to scream!"


-Drift away from here
Feel it pulse through your veins!
Take your last breath
Just drift away!

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