Episode 1 ''serial killers'' [why she will fake..]

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Hello everyone this is my first channel and all. This is my video it call serial killers. So this video it about when Aaron and mason that they nickname so mason is a killer have a sister name piper.

Mason is 19 year old

Height' 6'4

Birthday April 9th

Gender: male

Piper brother is gay. So piper is just like his brother but not gay or bisexual

Piper 17 years old

Heigh' 5'4

Birthday: may 14th

Gender: female

Next we have Aaron he gay and bisexual like mason but. His sister name Lilly she don't play about his brother. She gets made when her brother is gay.

Aaron 18 years old


Birthday Nov 25


Lilly 20 years

Height 5'5

Birthday sep. 8


Last we have Aaron little girlfriend. She is a fake girl she just want Aaron money to buy thing to be better than everyone she see . and yes she get anything for money .
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