Dust Devil Band - New Year's Eve 2020 [Unity Hall Concert Series]

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The Dust Devil Band:
George Deveny – Lead Guitar, Vocals
George Newton – Pedal Steel Guitar, Lap Steel, Vocals
Darryl Mattison – Drums
Dan Porter – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Ed Rosenburgh – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica

The Unity Hall Production Staff:
Rick Boxall – Lighting, Unity Hall Foundation BOD
Robert Capezzano – Silver City Studios, Audio Production
John Foley – Audio Technician
Cody Foley – Assistant Audio Technician
Juan Junco – Cinematography
Sandy Roe – Photography

Thanks To and Originally Posted by Unity Hall. I hold no copyright for this work and will be very happy to take it down at the request of the Dust Devil Band or Unity Hall. Posted here as a favor to the band and a favor to any new audience they might find.
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