COATING AUDI RS5 /// Using Fireball Devil's Blood & Typhoon Ceramic Coatings on Non-Perfect Paint ??

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???? E X T E R I O R D E T A I L O F R S 5

I was equal part excited and equal part nervous to use the "Devil's Blood & Typhoon" ceramic duo by South Korean company Fireball. I have heard amazing things, and I think this coating system lived up to the hype. Of course, before I got to the coating, I needed to perform a comprehensive wash and prep of this Misano Red RS5. I corrected and polished this paint a few months ago, so it was decided I would perform a chemical decon and forego another lengthy polish process. You will see some minor flaws but just remember, this is a Canadian daily driver. It's a show car so keep that in mind when commenting

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⌛️ T I M E S T A M P S
0:00 Intro
0:59 Wheels & Tires
6:38 Foam
9:23 Pressure Wash
10:28 Decon
11:10 Wash
13:24 Rinse
13:57 Dry
15:13 Paint Prep
16:26 Devil's Blood
18:23 Typhoon
20:58 Tires
21:59 Glass
23:00 Coating Wax
23:30 Results

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